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Computer Problems Recently Fixed

windoews laptop, requires printer and secondary laptop connectedGolden Point
quote to repair broken screen on samsung model npvscauDurham Lead
windows laptop not working properlyBuninyong
windows laptop with a black screen another laptop with a blue screenWendouree
windows email issuesAlfredton
problems with email system and other issues, remote supportAlfredton
email issues need to migrate to cloudBonshaw
windows internet issueAlfredton
system running slow needs clean outCreswick
windows desktop locked upSebastopol
windows, frozen has been scammedBerringa
quote onreplacinghdmiportonplaystationBallarat
quote to replace screen and fan on lenovo flexpadNewington
internet not workingScarsdale
windows, doing an automatic update crashed unable to restart in safe mode coming up with lost of issues did eventually start but had to restart in factory modeMount Pleasant
several questions re setting up a virtual machine via his windows deviceWendouree
needs assistance with router extender set upruns with mac windowsAlfredton
windows gmail fault, g suite issues a few other setting issuesBrown Hill
windows pc monitors not workingSebastopol
macbook pro screen replacementAlfredton
having problems with emails….. receiving them ok but they are bouncing back to who sends them saying he hasnt received them ……..desktop windows ….please call to confirm before going outMount Clear
printer is not connecting to windows laptopAlfredton
printer is not connecting to windows laptopAlfredton
windows desktop very slow requires service, park out front on the grass pleaseSebastopol
playing a game on facebook then just froze ….managed to shut it down tried to re start lets him log in and gone to a website it then freezes ……laptop windowsBrown Hill
Computer Problems Recently Fixed

Russell (Ballarat

Recent PC Troubleshooting Completed in Ballarat

Computer Repair Service DetailsSuburb
Setup Trend Home security device.Setup printer and tested from both computers.Golden Point
Found client had created a new email address.Logged into client email address.Email now working OK.Checked Anti Virus software is working OK.Ran addwareMalware scan, no items detected.Checked windows updates is working OK.Client would like to be able to print from ipad.Connected printer to wifi network.Apple ipadChecked it could print to printer OK.Alfredton
GeekMobile Minimum Chargeable FeeExamined setup reconfigured the email program settings.Tested the emails by sending an email from Davids email address to an email back to David confirmed that the email has been received.Alfredton
Called client to confirm booking and get more details.Due to travel distance, fixed problem remotely.Remote controlled onto computer.Checked antivirus is OK.Ran adwaremalware scan, no items detected.Removed unwanted programs.Checked system startup, looked OK.Checked running items, all looked OK.Deleted files from scammer.Fixed a few other issues that client raised.Closing job.Berringa
Computer does not start correctly.No hard disk activity on turning computer on.Nothing displayed on screens.Computer has been moved and is being installled after move.Checked all cables in computer are plugged in correctly.Turned computer on, computer started correctly.Plugged in monitors and arranged correctly..Sebastopol
Call client to confirm booking and get more information on problem.Asked how they access email, webemail client, use outlook program.Asked if problem happens only when outlook is open, no happens at anytime.Asked if they could login into website email.Checked settings and found rules were enabled.Removed rules.Client checked with some of the effected users and email is now working correctly, does not send return message.Mount Clear
Un installed unwanted programs.Chacked anti virus is working OK.Ran adwaremalware scan, removed all detected items.Checked windows updates, has been updating OK.Computer is now work better and is performing as expected for its age and gb of ram.Sebastopol
Found that change mouse batteries fixed mouse problems.Laptop slow.Client unable to scan. Went through process of scanning, scanning works OK.Client asked about different broadband options, suggested some options.Checked antivirus is OK.Ran adwaremalware scan, removed all detected items.Removed unwanted programs.Laptop now a little faster but about what I expect for type of hardware.Lake Wendouree
Examine system that had been connected to by scammers.Found no programs that were installed that gave unknowing access to the system.Checked that there were no virus or malware affecting the computerBlack Hill
Recent PC Troubleshooting Completed in Ballarat

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