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Recent Computer Problems Fixed

Mac, Safari quitting out,4350
slow, not responding4879
Beeping sound when turned on. No display on the screen6155
System keeps shutting down4051
Set up modem2487
Some web site not working and needs to install virus cleaner.Clients request do call on the landline before the tech goes6210
Bought a new lab top Needs some one shows the applications.6019
has bought colour printer, prints in b/w only2486
virus, popup3127
Hard drive issue4870
transfer data to new computer, client would like as early as you can do today if possible, else pm as booked6052
keys not responding after spillage, laptop, acer2100
keyboard is not responding4212
imac, install wifi printer2160
Setup New System4054
mail not sending on outlook, mac4053
trying to get information from separate hard drive.4109
setup new computer6020
windows laptop wont power up4207
Transferring of business email address to her home email address.6090
Recent Computer Problems Fixed

Recent PC Troubleshooting Completed

Deleted virus.3127
Reseated memory – problem came back after a short period. Changed memory with the memory of another machine that the client had.6155
Setup printer2160
Client reported that the computer would not switch on, checked cables power etc, machine switched on ok.
Could not repeat the fault.
Machine very slow, uninstalled malware programs and removed unnecessary start up programs.
Installed Malwarebytes.
Machine responsiveness improved, recommended purchasing additional b ram (machine had bare minimum gb)
Ran disk repair. Found and repaired many errors.
Windows now starts OK.
Checked virus scanner is current, not current, installed latest version of AVG free.
Chromecast installed.
Firefox fresh installed.
Hard disk checked offline/Online: File system can’t be detected on Windows. Hard disk was installed on TV recorder. Data recovery service is recommended. (Call: )
Gmail password recovery done, reset recovery email address in gmail and turned steps authentication off in Gmail as Mac was not liking it. Mails in MAC are working fine. Renamed HDD name to HDD as it was changed to special character and having problems4053
Setup new HP All in one
Downloaded office from the Microsoft Store
Setup outlook
Connected macbook to home wifi
Arrived on site .
Inspected computer.
Recreated error.
Installed and ran Malwarebytes and Adware Remover.
Removed multiple infections.
Removed unwanted software.
Reset all browsers to default.
Confirmed all working as expected.
power supply dead
replace power supply and require power switch as switch was broken after PSU died
Setup admin email account onto Lucy’s Dell laptop6090
Asus KJ laptop Windows Home Premium
Shouted down not properly
After remove the battery, worked fine


Recent PC Troubleshooting Completed